The Berkeley DB Package: DB Manual Pages (C++ Interface)

C Interface
Java Interface

We suggest reading the following three pages first:


Manual page Subject
db_intro(3) General DB introduction and overview
db_thread(3) Using DB from within threaded programs
DbEnv(3) Class for configuring the DB environment
DbException(3) Exception class for Db activity
Db(3) Access method class
DbInfo(3) Class for access method parameters for database open
Dbc(3) Class for access method cursors
Dbt(3) Access method key/data class
DbLockTab(3) General-purpose lock manager class
DbLock(3) Class for lock objects in the lock manager
DbLog(3) General-purpose log manager class
DbLsn(3) Class representing log sequence numbers
DbMpool(3) General-purpose shared memory buffer pool class
DbMpoolFile(3) File class in the shared memory buffer pool
DbTxnMgr(3) General-purpose transaction manager class
DbTxn(3) Class representing transactions in the transaction manager
db_archive(1) Archival support
db_checkpoint(1) Transaction checkpoint support
db_deadlock(1) Deadlock detection support
db_recover(1) Database recovery support
db_stat(1) Statistics
db_dump(1) Database to portable flat-text
db_load(1) Database from portable flat-text