The Berkeley DB Package: DB Manual Pages (C Interface)

C++ Interface
Java Interface

We suggest reading the following three pages first:


Manual page Subject
db_intro(3) General DB introduction and overview
db_thread(3) Using DB from within threaded programs
db_appinit(3) Configuring the DB environment
db_open(3) Access methods
db_cursor(3) Access method cursors
db_dbt(3) Access method key/data pairs
db_lock(3) The lock subsystem; a general-purpose lock manager
db_log(3) The log subsystem; a general-purpose log manager
db_mpool(3) The buffer subsystem; a general-purpose shared memory buffer pool
db_txn(3) The transaction subsystem; a general-purpose transaction manager
db_archive(1) Archival support
db_checkpoint(1) Transaction checkpoint support
db_deadlock(1) Deadlock detection support
db_recover(1) Database recovery support
db_stat(1) Statistics
db_dump(1) Database to portable flat-text
db_load(1) Database from portable flat-text
db_internal(3) Re-configuring underlying DB functionality at run-time.