import com.sleepycat.db.*;


       The  DB  library  is  a  family of classes that provides a
       modular programming interface to transactions and  record-
       oriented  file  access.   The library includes support for
       transactions, locking, logging and file page  caching,  as
       well  as  various  indexed  access  methods.   Many of the
       classes (e.g., the file page  caching  class)  are  useful
       independent of the other DB classes, although some classes
       are explicitly based on other classes (e.g.,  transactions
       and  logging).   For  a  general  description  of  the  DB
       package, see db_intro(3).

       This manual page describes the DbLsn class.

       A  DbLsn  is  a  "log  sequence  number"  that  is   fully
       encapsulated.  The class itself has no methods, other than
       a default constructor, so there is no way for the user  to
       manipulate  its data directly.  It is initialized and used
       by methods in DbLog(3) and DbMpool(3).


       db_archive(1), db_checkpoint(1), db_deadlock(1), db_dump(1),
       db_load(1), db_recover(1), db_stat(1), db_intro(3),
       db_internal(3), db_thread(3), Db(3), Dbc(3), DbEnv(3),
       DbException(3), DbInfo(3), DbLock(3), DbLockTab(3), DbLog(3),
       DbLsn(3), DbMpool(3), Dbt(3), DbTxn(3), DbTxnMgr(3)

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