The Clinical RIM Redesign Project

Unified2 Service Action Model now part of the RIM

As of RIM revision 094 the USAM-II is now part of the RIM. It thus went from proposal state into standard working draft state. The sponsoring committees Orders Observations and Patient Care work together with other interested committees (e.g., IMSIG, Clinical Decision Suppor SIG Lab Automation SIG, etc.) to refine and improve the model. The current specification (as of shortly after the HL7 meeting in San Diego can be found here.

USAM Documentation revision 2.6 (Cleveland)

The rest of this page is largely historical stuff. However, at one point we have been preparing an HL7 v2.x to USAM mapping guide. There are plans to complete this work, however, as we still make changes in the details of the USAM spec, the mapping guide is outdated. We do not attempt to keep the mapping guide up to date until the USAM specification itself has gained more stability. PART B - Mapping of HL7 v2 Constructs.

What follows is largely historical material


... with only very few very minor changes, but a lot of issues. The issues will be posted here when they become available by the note keepers.

The USAM Proposal Documents

The Unified2 Service Action Proposal, Revision 2.3

PART A - Specification of the Model,

PART B - Mapping of HL7 v2 Constructs.

The following is still the preliminary material handed out for the Indianapolis 1999 Harmonization meeting.

The "Team 1" Analysis Plan [pdf] (Word file [rtf])

My USAMP-II Presentation [pdf] (PowerPoint Slide show with animations [pps])

Handout material

The proposed USAMP-II MIM [pdf] (Word file [rtf])

The RIM Attribute Synopsis [pdf] (Excel spreadsheet [xls])

Instance Diagram Example 2: Amoxicillin Order [pdf]

Instance Diagram Example 1: Serum Potassium [pdf] (as two pages for those who like it larger [pdf])

The Relationship Type Code [pdf] (Word file [rtf])

A draft of a paper submitted to AMIA fall symposion 99 provided here to solicit expert comments and to help a sharing of ideas early in the process. [pdf]