The following notes are contributed from Tix users on various platforms. I have no access to these platforms and cannot verify that their settings are correct. Also, the settings may only work with a specific versions of Tix on a specific version of the O/S.
From:	 	Andrew Fitzhugh ( about
Version:	Tix 4.0a5
Platform:	HPUX 9.05

1.  Throw ANSI flag on the compiler (I set PROTO_FLAGS = -Ae)
2.  Change the X11 directories to -I/usr/include/X11R5 and -L/usr/lib/X11R5
3.  This might affect other systems: the Makefile included -lX11 before
    -ltk and -ltcl, so I switched the order.  (Obviously a bug, since
    there is a comment right above it that told me what to do :-).
From:	 	mohan kannapareddy 
Version:	Tix 4.0a7
Platform:	Solaris2.4

> With Tix4.0a7 (and also with Tix4.0a6) on Solaris 2.4, when running
> the widget demo, in tixFileSelectBox, in the two scolling lists (for
> Files and Directories), some of the file and directory names have
> their first 2 letters chopped off. And some files are repeated.
> Anyone else seeing this?

   The above is a very common problem with Solaris2.4, I am pretty
   sure when you are creating your _tixwish_, its picking up the UCB
   library, that is you must be having /usr/ucblib/ or whatever in
   your LD_LIBRARY_PATH or LD_RUN_PATH, REMOVE it OR make sure that
   the standard libraries or before the ucblibs..  Now, its strange
   that it shows up, because I don't think the tix fileselect box has
   been implemented in "C", so it should not have shown up??

   You might have to recompile your tcl/tk libraries with the
   offending libraries out of the way..because I use a Solaris2.4
   machine and I have no problem at all!!..  Cheers, Mohan

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