About the Tix Programming Library

About the Tix Programming Library The Tix library is an extension to the Tk toolkit that contains over 40 new widgets for Tk. Features include:
A LOT of new widgets:
The Tix library has by far the greatest collection of widgets for programming with Tcl/Tk. Highlights include: Hierarchical Listbox, Directory List/Tree View, SpreadSheet, Tabular Listbox, ComboBox, Motif style FileSelectBox, MS Windows style FileSelectBox, PanedWindow, NoteBook, Spin Control widget .... and many more. With these new widgets, your applications will look great and interact with your users in intuitive ways.
Rapid Prototyping New Widgets:
Tix comes with a complete Object-Oriented framework for building new customed widgets using TCL exclusively. It typically reduces the efforts of developing a new widget by a factor of ten or more.

XPM image suport:
This allows you to display color icons in XPM format. Supports transparent background.

Compound images:
A new image type called "compound" allows youto glue together a bunch of bitmaps, images and text strings together to form a bigger image. Then you can use this image with widgets that support the -image option. For example, you can display a text string string together with a bitmap, at the same time, inside a TK button widget.

Display Items and Display Styles:
Display items and display styles make it possible to display visual information in many formats.

Form geometry manager:
Works similarly to the Motif Form widget. You can specify geometry constraints using attachment rules.

Mwm window mamager support:
With the tixMwm command, you can communicate with the Motif window manager "mwm"; you can add new items to the Motif system menu and change the window manager decorations.

Getting more information about Tix

Tix Home Page:
The Tix Home Page at http://www.xpi.com/tix/ provides more detailed and up-to-date information about Tix.

The Tix Mailing List
There is a mailing list for the discussion of the development of both the Tix library and Tix-based applications. To subscribe, send me a mail to majordomo@xpi.com with the line "subscribe tix-info [your_address]" in the body of the mail. To send a message to the Tix mailing list, please use the address tix-info@xpi.com.

The Tix mailing list has been archived. You can find useful information at the Tix mailing list archives at: http://www.xpi.com/archives/archives.html.

Getting Techical Support for Tix

If you have a question about using the Tix library, feel free to contact the Tix support team at the address tix-support@xpi.com. Please notice that this support service is currently provided only on a good-will basis with no implied obligations or guaranty.

Bug Reports

Tix is a large product and as such will certainly contain bugs. If you have encountered a bug while using Tix, please send a bug report to the address tix-bugs@xpi.com . We'll appreciate it if you can send along a small, self-contained program that demonstrates the behavior of the bug.

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