Documents related to EDI over MIME Email

	 -- This file. V1.0 27sep96	

	 -- Requirements for Inter-operable Internet EDI
	Lays out the problem space for EDI via Mail.
	 -- mime encapsulation of edi objects
	Broad-stroke definition of the EDI MIME Objects

	 -- Security Multiparts
	MIME oriented details of secure MIME

	 -- S/MIME Message Specficiation
	Cryptographic details of secure mime documents
	from a "PKCS" point of view
	RSA hosts
	  the S-MIME Home Page
          which provides an overview of security issues and compares
	  S/MIME with PGP and PEM.
	 -- MIME Security with PGP
	Details on how to use PGP with MIME messages.
	 - Message Disposition Notifcations
	Explains how senders can be notified of message delivery.
        and provides for "non-repudiation" of messages.
	 -- A directory of "standards" proposed by RSA
	for encryption, certificates and public/private key.
	Defines logical content and exact DER/ASN.1 encoded
	pkcs/pkcs.n      -- Outlines contents of the files.
	pkcs/layman.asc  -- Readable intro to ASN.1 BER and DER
	pkcs/pkcs-7.txt  -- Message Format
	pkcs/pkcs-10.txt -- Syntax for certificate requests	
	 -- PEM Message Encryption and Authentication Procedures

	 -- Certificate-Based Key Management

	 -- Algorithms, Modes, and Identifiers

	 -- Key Certification and Related Services
	These define PEM, privacy enhanced mail.
	It seems that PEM  is being replaced by/ refined into
	S/MIME and the PKCS standards.
	Of these, rfc1422 defining Certificates seems to be used 
	the most.

	 -- MIME Part One:  Mechanisms for Specifying and Describing the 
           Format of Internet Message Bodies",	

	 -- MIME Part Two: Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text"

	 -- "The text/enriched MIME Content-type", 

On RFC Resources
	The IETF is the Internet
	Engineering Task Force, and is the governing body with respect
	to the Technical details of the internet.

	The technical documentation of the internet consists of 
			RFC's -- requests for comment
			FYI's -- For your informations
			Internet Drafts -- Ideas with are on track for
					   becoming RFC's
	[]	serves
	as  a repository for these documents.  

	A good starting point is this
	    Internet Documentation Page.

	href="">[search page] 
	which is a good starting point for finding the originals.
	The search page contains a [Pointer Page]
	for accessing individual RFC's by number if you don't want
	to search.  The pointer page carries brief descriptions of the articles,
	and whether or not they have been obsoleted.

	Besides, you might look to 
        ISI's RFC Editor Page.
	for an overview of the IETF/RFC/... documents.

	Internet Drafts may be found at

Comments on this bibliography may be directed to  
	Mark Tucker
at the Regenstrief Institute.


A brief comparison of email encryption protocols
This document briefly reviews and compares five major email encryption protocols under consideration: MOSS, MSP, PGP, PGP/MIME, and S/MIME. An independent overview and criticism of these protocols. Perhaps a more objective counterpart to the RSA's.
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